Do you study your credit card usage or do you just give it a glance? Well, the latest scam on our credit cards wouldn't even raise an eye-brow, but be on the lookout for a random charge of $9.84.It could mean someone has your information.

If you are looking for fraud on your credit card record, you are probably looking for something like a $3,000 ocean cruise or a new car on that statement. Crooks have gotten smarter than that these days and are taking amounts that wouldn't even raise an eye brow.

According to the Huffington Post, that amount is $9.84.

Let's face it. If you were scanning your record of a $9.84 charge, you would probably just go right past it without a second thought, but according to the report, that's the number to look for.


According to the Better Business Bureau,  a giant network of scammers around the world has been making those small charges on millions of people's credit cards.

While the amount is small, if you multiply it by millions, you've pulled off quite a fraud.

The $9.84 charge will look like a run of the mill generic charge and we, the card holders, are expected to just assume that it's some normal charge, but it's probably not. Looking for the name of the company won't help, because that will just show up as a generic company name.

Here's the advice from the BBB:

If you DO have a random $9.84 charge on your card, call your credit card company immediately, report it, and get a new card.