It's a scene worthy of Roy Rogers or as the people in Eagle Point, Oregon are calling him, "The Lone Ranger." No matter what you want to call him, the guy is a hero.

A 22-year-old guy named Victorino Arellano-Sanchez was trying to steal a woman's bike from outside a Walmart in Eagle Point, Oregon last week, and the woman saw him.  She started yelling for help. It was then that a real life cowboy by the name of Robert Borbas came to the rescue.

Borba hopped on his horse and went after the bike rustler. Borba roped Sanchez right around the ankles and brought him down like he was a stray calf.

There is no video of the actual event, but there is a classic picture of Borba on his horse with Sanchez on the ground with a rope around his ankles. Cowboy Justice, my friends!