Many years ago, I bought a metal detector. I used to own the property that belonged to my Great-Grandfather. I thought for sure I would find something family related on that property. I guess I did, but it was basically a lot of old beer cans.

I obvious was not nearly as lucky as a California couple who found an old tin can filled with gold coins from the Gold Rush era.

A couple in northern California were out walking their dog recently, when they spotted  an old, rusty metal can.  They opened the can and found that it contained over a thousand gold coins from the days of the California Gold Rush!

The couple contacted a rare coins dealer who estimated the worth of the coins as around $10 million. The coin dealer, Don Kagin, said, 'I don't like to say once-in-a-lifetime for anything, but you don't get an opportunity to handle this kind of material, a treasure like this, ever.' Kagin added that, to his knowledge, it's the most valuable found treasure ever in the country.

The couple are keeping the location of their property a secret.

Just watch the metal detector sales jump after this.