The pirates have officially taken over SWLA.. So, let the celebration begin!  How much fun can you stuff into ONE weekend?  This is one of my favorite weekends of the's mother's day and contraband festival all in the same weekend.  Mother's day is great to spend time at church and with our fabulous and beautiful daughter and her delightful husband and his incredible family too...still haven't gotten used to the idea, she's really old enough to be married. So sweet son-in-law get yourself ready cause it's tradition we go to Contraband Days during this weekend every year.

And as always, there's so much family fun offered at Contraband Days this weekend. There are the wonderful carnival rides,the beautiful and mysterious wolves of the world exhibit, thrilling flyboarding, exciting helicopter rides, beautiful boats and sailboats on the lake, there's tasty &  crazy varieties of food.  There are also many wonderful concerts during the weekend including Jason Boland, Bag o Donuts ,Atomic Punks, Cupid and more. And who doesn't love the the fabulous finale - the Fireworks Spectacular!  We couldn't ask for better weather either. Check it out for yourself at to see the entire line-up of fun.

And by the way, Happy Mother's and Contraband Days!