Two years ago, Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michal Jackson and sentenced to 4 years in jail. Just after midnight last night, Murray was released from the Los Angeles facility where he served two years.

In a very controversial, heated trial, Dr. Murray was convicted for treated the late pop star with propofol, a very powerful anesthetic which was used to help Michael Jackson overcome his chronic insomnia. Propofol is usually used only for surgical procedures and not for a simple sleeping aid.

Since the time of Murray's conviction, inofrmation has come to light that Jackson was a heavy drug user long before Conrad Murray became his physician.

Murray plan to get back into medicine. Lawyers for the former doctor have filed petitions in Texas to have his medical license reinstated.

Murrays lawyer, says he is hopeful the doctor will be vindicated on appeal and that he will be able to practice medicine again.