They call it A.I., Artificial Intelligence, and even though we've all heard of it, it's never really been proven to exist; until now.

A computer convinced a panel of judges that it's a 13 year old boy from the Ukraine.

The acid test, or in this case, the Turing Test, named after it's inventor Alan Turing, was developed in the 1950's and it's one way scientist have of telling the difference between human and computer responses.

In this case, a computer at the University of Reading in England was tested in a five minute conversation with computer specialist. At the end of that 'conversation', 30% of the panel decided that they were, indeed, talking to a 13 year-old Ukrainian.

The pass/fail mark on convincing the judges is 30% and this is the first time a computer has been able to achieve that passing mark. In 2012, a program nearly passed with 29 percent of judges convinced, but just barely missed the cut. Saturday's computer, who acted as a 13-year-old Ukrainian boy named Eugene Goostman, made the cut.