I'll never forget a criminology professor saying, "If all bad people were stupid, it would be wonderful. Too bad many of them are quite intelligent."


Because of that, I'm never surprised when I hear of an, otherwise intelligent, person committing a crime --- But for LEGOS?

What a blockhead! A high-profile tech executive in Silicon Valley was convicted of burglary for stealing thousands of dollars worth of Legos from various Target stores. Thomas Langenbach, a Lego enthusiast with money to spare, was able to trick Target stores by putting his own bar codes over existing ones on the toy boxes. The fake bar codes enabled him to get the products for a much cheaper price. In 2012, investigators discovered a massive collection of Legos at Lagenbach’s $2 million home, and eight Ziploc baggies containing the bar code stickers in his car. They also found out that Langenbach wasn’t just building things out of the stolen Lego sets, he was selling them on the Internet too, under the eBay handle “Tomsbrickyard.” He made off with more than $30,000 in his scheme! Guess you can say his plan came apart brick by brick.