If you wax nostalgic for all those early computer games, you'll love the "Easter Egg" Google has added.

Remember "Breakout?" It was sort of a variation on "Pong" but with more action. Well, Google has updated the idea and we've got the link for you.

Why did Google choose the month of May to celebrate "Breakout?" No one seems to know. The original game made it's debut in April. Then again, who cares. Have fun!


Google has a long history of "Easter Eggs" ; here are a few more you may enjoy:

The "Atari Breakout" mini-game is a fun little trick, but it's definitely not the only time Google has snuck something like this onto its website. Here are a few other famous Google "Easter eggs":

According to the L.A. Times:

  • If you search for "tilt" on Google, the website will slightly tilt.
  • If you search for "do a barrel roll," a term from the "Star Fox" video game, the website will rotate 360 degrees.
  • If you search for "Zerg rush," a crew of the letter "O" will begin attacking and destroying your search result very quickly. This is a homage to the game "Star Craft."
  • On YouTube, if you search for "do the Harlem Shake," the video website will begin to dance.