I had a cousin who was colorblind. We could always tell when he dressed himself because he came up with some pretty weird color mismatches. He took a good natured ribbing from us and he thought it was pretty funny as well, but can you imagine what it must be like to never see things in their true color.

I don't know much about colorblindness, but as the subject of this video describes it, colors like green look brownish and pink looks silver or even blue. I guess most of us take our sight for granted and we really don't give much thought to the fact that we see things in color.

Well, a company has come out with a product called Enchroma Glasses that will allow colorblind people see in more true colors.

In this video, a friend of Ethan's surprised him with a pair of these amazing glasses, but didn't tell him what they were for. He just told Ethan to put on the glasses and his reaction is what you'll see in this video.

WARNING - Ethan does indulge in some very strong language at one point, but how would you react if you saw purple for the very first time in your life?