My oldest Brother Ray is a Chemist and has always been concerned with cleaning products and their impact on our health and our environment.  With so many products out there that may or may not be good for you or the environment, it's hard to know what to buy.  No one wants to store all those products under the sink either.  We love the space for shampoo, hair spray, and guest towels. Anyway, when it comes to cleaning my home or office I don't want to smell or touch any really strong products. So I always look for the natural or close to it choice.  Mom has always been a believer in hydrogen peroxide so i decided to give it try.  Well, what do you know,  my Mother and  brother were right. Hydrogen Peroxide really works, is cheaper than other cleaning products and leaves a little extra cash in your pockets.

Have a sparkling clean Fridge, Dishwasher or Counter-tops- can be wiped down with Hydrogen Peroxide and it won't hurt the food, dishes or the appliances.

Dingy floors become bright and shiny - use a gallon of hot water mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide.

Plants can fight off fungus - add a touch of Hydrogen Peroxide to the plant water.

Yellow Stained armpits on white t-shirt - soak in Hydrogen Peroxide before washing...stains gone.

Highlighted Hair - 50% Hydrogen Peroxide and 50% water - spritz on hair and comb through for soft, natural hair highlights.

Vegetable and Fruit Wash - add 1/4 cup Hydrogen Peroxide to sink of cold water and remove dirt and chemicals ... rinse with clear water and you are ready to eat!

Teeth Brightener - mix 50% water and 50% Hydrogen Peroxide in a cup. Rinse, Spit and Smile Big!

Pimple Remover - dab a little Hydrogen Peroxide on that pimple and watch it dry up.