There is no doubt that Fort Polk contributes to Lake Charles economy. Here is proof of that as the City of Lake Charles gets behind a letter signing initiative to prevent further cuts at the Leesville Army Base.

getty images/Stephen Morton

According to a City of Lake Charles press release At the Wednesday, August 20 City Council Meeting, the City Council voted in favor of a Resolution “urging the U.S. Army not to reduce Fort Polk’s present troop strength through the Army 2020 Force Structure Realignment.”  The petition was housed at the Lake Charles Civic Center  gathered over 300 signatures.

Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach said “With Fort Polk being the number one non-state government employer in Louisiana, a troop reduction would do nothing but cause a ripple effect throughout the state, the region and the City of Lake Charles.  This area plays home to many social, recreational and professional services utilized by Fort Polk, and Fort Polk plays home to many military and veterans services utilized by our local residents.”

Fort Polk Progress is the organization with the task of preserving Fort Polk. For more information go to their website.