Didn't see this one coming. I kind of thought that e-cigarettes were okay with everyone. Apparently I'm wrong because the Lake Charles City Council is considering a ban on the things.

Both sides in this issue seem to have 'experts' who claim research about the safety or dangers of e-cigarettes.

The proponents of 'vaping' say that e-cigarettes have no 'second hand' pollutants and that the 'smoke' is just harmless water vapor.

Proponents say that the vapor does contain chemicals and could harm people nearby.


Councilman Dana Jackson feels there are enough votes to pass the measure, meanwhile, on the side of e-cigarettes, Ken Levingston, co-owner of Lake Charles Vapor says that they have presented "study, after study, after study that show non-existent second hand effects what so ever from e-cigarettes. There's hardly any first hand effects -- other than you are ingesting nicotine, which is an addictive drug," said Levingston.

I'm not taking a side in this, besides, the entire issue has been tabled for 60 days.