Chennault International Airport  has announced the construction of a new hanger. That will bring with it, of course, not only construction but also hundreds of permanent jobs to this area.

The need for the new hanger was brought about because of the growth of both  Northrop Grumman and Aeroframe.

Executive Director Randy Robb says that the expansion work should begin in about three months.

According to Robb, "We have an expansion both from Northrop Grumman and from Aeroframe here, both are expanding," said Robb. "Both want to have additional projects that bring additional jobs here. They can't bid them out until we have more room, because we're full to the brim."

Also in the works, a federally funded seven million dollar wider taxiway, to be used as an alternate runway.

"That will allow us to close down the main runway for a little while. It will allow us to expand and keep the traffic moving and all the people employed while we work here at the field," said Robb.

Chennault's economic impact on this area is around 142 million dollars.