Old picture postcards are fascinating -- Especially when you are familiar with the town featured in the cards. Even if you don't remember all the places on the cards, it's fun to see how those places look today.

I'm not a Lake Charles native but I love looking at these shots of our town 'back in the day.'  My family visited here from Texas a few times and I remember Sammy's Restaurant and, of course, the Assunto Auto Courts. Never stayed there, but you couldn't miss it if you were driving down Broad Street.

Here are a few old picture postcards of Lake Charles. Some of them date back to the 30's and 40's. All the locations are gone now, but they are part of our history.

Thanks to the Boston Library for making these postcards available.

First up is the old Sammy's Restaurant (Broad Street)

flickr/Boston Library

The Grand Plaza Motel (Highway 90)

There were a lot of motels built on this design. Where I grew up, they were called "Alamo Motor Courts." Gee, guess which state that might have been.

flickr/ Boston Library

Here's a former landmark that hasn't been gone all that long. I vaguely remember the pool out front. Notice that the card says, 'One mile from the heart of town.'

Flickr/ Boston Library

Here is a classic picture postcard featuring an aerial view of the city. That landscape has changed a lot. You can see the courthouse in the upper right of this shot.

Flickr/ Boston Library

I hope you enjoyed this nostalgia trip. Great shots of Lake Charles in the 40's