Okay, so Dennis Rodman has been a jerk for quit some time now, but this time he's shown that he is also an insensitive, uncaring jerk. Well, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong...Nah, I'm right.

Read what mister full-of-himself did now.

DENNIS RODMAN landed at Beijing's international airport on Saturday, after another, quote, "basketball diplomacy" trip to North Korea.

And while he spent personal, one-on-one time with North Korean dictator KIM JONG UN, he did NOT ask about KENNETH BAE, the American citizen who was sentenced to 15 years for alleged crimes against the state.

In fact, it appears Rodman no longer CARES about Bae.  Because when reporters asked him if he brought up the subject with Kim, Rodman went ballistic and said, quote, "That's not my job to ask about Kenneth Bae."

He added, quote, "Ask Obama about that.  Ask Hillary Clinton.  Ask those (expletive deleted).  I don't give a crap."

Rodman added that Kim Jong Un is his friend for life.

There ya go boys and girls. Another great example of people who are considered celebrities.