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Going Crabbing? Look Out For Tags Worth Cash
Grab some string, turkey necks or melt, and your ice chest. It's time to go crabbing in south Louisiana, and your efforts could pay off in more than just a delicious meal. If you scoop one up with an orange tag on its back, it could be worth up to $50!
Man Putts Off Gator
A golfer on a Fort Meyers golf course was walking near a water hazard when he was suddenly attacked by a ten-foot alligator.
The gator had him by the ankle and started dragging him backwards into the water – the golfer, Tony Aarts began beating the gator on the head with the club he had in his hand –…
Warmer Weather and Snakes
Although it'll be a little cooler this weekend, overall warmer weather means snakes come out sooner – Biologist Annaliese Scoggin tells us increasingly warmer southern weather overall with our shorter winters means snakes are coming out of hibernation sooner – she also cited an…
Gulf Fishing Improvements
Once the mere mention of the word Kraken would send chills down a seafarers spine – now the mythical mile long sea monster actually lives in the Gulf of Mexico, as an artificial fishing reef.  A derelict cargo vessel, some 371 feet long and named after the creature of myth was recent…
We Don’t Think Florida Gators Live This Nicely
In Jennings at the Oil and Gas Park at Exit 64, the Jeff Davis Tourism Commission is ready to construct a new office building and they aren’t forgetting the national reptile of Louisiana.
Bids will be awarded next month with construction to begin soon afterwards and the resident Jennings alligators w…

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