Don’t Do This; DEQ
The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, the DEQ wants you to remember that it is illegal to burn household debris, even on your own property.  The DEQ says it’s illegal to burn solid wastes, household wastes, construction debris, household chemicals and oil even if it…
Safety First: LSP
Big crowds are expected in New Orleans this weekend for the NBA All-Star game festivities as well as the usual massive Mardi Gras season which is underway big league in the next couple of weeks.
To head off potential trouble and to help ensure the safety of the partying public the Louisiana State Pol…
Speeding Ticket Refunds?
Back in 2014 a judge ruled that stationary traffic cameras were unconstitutional essentially because they're unfair to drivers.  Well, a small town suburb just north of Cincinnati missed that email, apparently.
The City of New Miami, Ohio has been ordered to pay back citizens about $3 milli…

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