Contraband Days

Contraband Flyboarding Fun
When I get to the end of my life, I don't want to be filled with regrets of coulda, woulda, shoulda. I want to be filled with smiles and memories of great adventure. Bring it Contraband Days, I'm IN!
Contraband Days Is HERE!
Contraband Days is here again and it's the 59th year of celebrating for SWLA. With two weeks of fabulous activities, it's a great time to party with your family and friends.
Legend has it that Jean LaFitte hid some treasure from his pirate ship here in the Lake Area...
Photo and Vidoe from 80s Contraband Days Events [VIDEO]
Do you remember some of the old Contraband Days events like the Bed Pushing Races, Titubic Bathtub Races, Beach Volleyball Tournament, Egg Drop, Show us your Tan and Tug 0 War? Well we found a Picture from the 1984 Bed Pushing Races and a video from 1986 and the Contraband Days Tug O War on the nort…
What’s Your Favorite “Carny” Food? [POLL]
You know, I'm a pretty healthy eater. In the past month or so I've dropped a lot of weight and started getting back in shape. Yeah, great. It's Contraband Days and that means great Carnival Food (Yes, I used caps) and a dent in my healthy eating.
This is a short simple quiz! What is yo…

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