I remember when I was a kid and had one of those small kids rods and reels. We had a boat and would go way out in the gulf and just fish all day. My dad and his friends all had their big fiberglass poles and I couldn't wait to join the grown-up club and have a real rig of my own. Still, d4espite the drawbacks of a cheap aluminum kiddie rod and reel, I caught a lot of fish.

I don't think I ever hauled in anything like the kid in this video, though. the little girl's name is Avery and, judging from her reaction, it's the first time she ever caught anything. Her fishing rig is your basic Barbie Rod and Reel. Not exactly what you would choose if you were shopping for a fishing rig, but I'm sure dad thought it would keep his daughter occupied while he fished. Little did dad know that little Avery was about to hook a 5 pound bass.

To his credit, dad let her do the work for her reward. Avery asks for help, but dad just keeps encouraging her to keep it and, by and by, little Avery lands the 5 pounder. Now how can you resist the smile and laughter of young Avery. It's a great video and they do land the fish at about the 2 minute mark. Happiest kid I've seen in ages and a real proud dad!