Cats are such peculiar animals. If you've ever owned a cat, you know it's a touchy relationship at best between humans and cats.

My cat, Molly, is as mean as a snake. Now, I don't mean the way most cats react to being petted to much and turn nasty. I'm talking a cat that stalks and attacks. It didn't matter if I was petting her or ignoring her, any excuse for an all out, fangs barred, claws out, hissing, growling attack.

I have two new scars thanks to Molly and I doubt seriously if she has any thoughts of protecting me from anything.

The cat in this video is completely different. When the kid gets too close to the stove, this kitty starts going into protection mode and, eventually, actually tries to push the kid away from the hot stove. Maybe I should make my cat watch this video!