Confession time; When I was about 7, I 'sampled' my dog's food. It was vile. I also once tried to eat a dog biscuit, but I couldn't even make a dent in it.

You'd be amazed just how many people have sampled their pet's food.


Just because the can says "FANCY FEAST" doesn't make YOU fancy by eating it.  According to a new survey, 15% of cat owners admit they've TASTED their CAT'S FOOD.

The survey didn't ask WHY people tried their cat's food, but we've got to assume it's because they wanted to make sure the taste was suitable for their cats.  Or because they were really, really hungry and didn't feel like cooking.

I do have to admit that, while some cat foods smell disgusting, the higher end stuff does tend to smell pretty good. When I was a kid I thought it might taste as good as it smelled. Chalk up another life lesson for Gary.