The Captain and Tennille aren't exactly household names anymore, but back in the mid 70's they racked up an impressive list of hits. Okay, granted that some of those hits are now ridiculed.

'Muskrat Love' is constantly picked on as one of the worst hits of all time, but back in 1976 it sold over a million copies. I remember getting tons of request for the song back when I was working at KLOU.

The duo has pretty much been taking it easy for the past couple of decades, but now they're in the news again because Toni Tennille has filed for divorce.

Sources say the reason for the divorce may not mean the couple is having problems.

On the 16th of this month, Toni Tennille filed for divorce from 'The Captain' also known as Daryl Dragon. Toni who is now 73 and Daryl who is 71, are continuing to live together despite the divorce papers.

Speculation is that the divorce is being done for health insurance reasons. It seems that The Captain is suffering from a Parkinson's-like disease.

The couple has been married for almost 40 years.

All our best goes out to both of them. By the way, how many of you still secretly like 'Muskrat Love?'