I have two brothers and we all can eat. I've heard the phrase "let's go put a hurting on the buffet." We each would eat maybe three plates. Now I find out that we weren't even close to getting our money's worth.

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Let's say you eat at a buffet with Crab Legs. They cost about three dollars a pound. You would have to eat five to seven pounds of Crab Legs to get your moneys worth. I would be tired of messing with them before that!

Roast Beef cost the buffet about $2.50 a pound so you would have to eat 8 pounds to get your money back!  You would have to eat eight to ten plates at a Chinese buffet to get your money back. I can eat three if someone agrees to roll me out on a dolly.

So the pizza buffet is only $5. A whole pizza cost the buffet about $1.25. You would have to eat four pizzas to break even.

Don't fool yourself. You are not "putting a hurting on the buffet."