Are you having problems remembering things? Are you overweight? There could be a connection.


According to the Telegraph  A new study out of Sweden has found that losing weight improves your MEMORY.  I personally would rather be forgetful than give up the gumbo and bread pudding, It seems that researchers gave women a memory test . . . then gave them the same test after they dropped an average of about 18 pounds.  The women did better on the test afterward . . . and brain scans showed they were better at storing and recalling memories. I hate to discount the research; but I have always heard elephants have excellent memory. Have you ever seen a skinny elephant? 


I have lost eight pounds so far and still can't remember where I left my car keys. Maybe they are under that Twinkies box. Maybe if I lose some more weight I'll be able to remember things like where my glasses are when they are on my head.