Well now.There's a headline I never saw coming. Bruce Jenner say's he's a woman. Does that not just put the icing on the cake?The whole Jenner/Kardashian soap opera has unfolded before our very eyes for years now and if this doesn't top everything we've seen, I don't know what will.

It didn't take Diane Sawyer long to get to the point of her much awaited interview with the former Olympian. According to MSN, Jenner answered everyone's question when he responded, "I am a woman."

According to Jenner, he's dealt with this issue his entire life and now he's finally able to get the big secret out in the open. Jenner was also careful to point out that he is not gay. He's just a woman. that response has a lot of people wondering exactly what that means.

There's a certain bit of irony in this revelation. For all the trashy, over the top attention getting stunts the Kardashian pull to keep themselves in the public eye, Bruce just topped them all by just being himself. By the way, the pronoun he chooses is "he."