The idiot in the picture is named Trevor Runyon. Trevor was either stoned out of his mind...or stupid...probably both. He decided he needed to break into a grocery store and have a party. Here's the part that amazed him....He got caught! Wow! Who could have predicted that?

Guess he was in the market for a good time! This guy spent the night in a Kentucky grocery store, and threw himself a party!Trevor Runyon entered the ValuMarket just before closing on Sunday and hid from employees so he’d be locked inside all night. He drank beer, smoked cigarettes, cooked and ate six steaks, some shrimp and a birthday cake! He also apparently went to the bathroom on himself and got clothes to change into. Then, he climbed into the rafters and went to sleep. The next morning, the manager found 57 Redi-Whip cans in the garbage, prompting him to check the overnight surveillance footage. He spotted Runyon and called police, who got Runyon down from the rafters and arrested him. Yeah, guess he didn't get the memo that a few retailers around the country now have security cameras. What a maroon!