Are there clues you are giving off that tell others you may be anxious, or not very smart? If you are crossing your arms you may be telling others that you are in pain, not that you necessarily hiding something.

There are simple movements you can make to impress or to let others know you really aren't interested in their dribble without uttering a word. The average person likes at least 1 1/2 - 4 feet of distance of personal space.  But,  if you are in Japan, you may want to give a little more personal space, lest you be perceived as rude..

These scientifically proven, handy tips can make your life a little easier.  When you know the signs about what you are and are NOT saying to those around, you will be more effective. So get ready for those awkward social settings . And make your life a little better by never letting them see you sweat ..because they may actually smell that on you later.