In light of the latest backlash from the videos of members of Planned parenthood, Bishop Glen John Provost has asked Catholics to to fast and pray this Friday.

According to Bishop Provost the day of prayer and fasting throughout the Diocese is, "in reparation for sins against human life, according to the discipline of the church — one full meal, no meat, and nothing in-between meals — to pray one hour before the Blessed Sacrament, and pray a rosary for the same intention."

The official press release from Bishop Provost goes on to say:


“We too are called to defend and bear witness to the dignity of all human life which is being diminished at an alarming rate in our society,” Provost said. “Every Pope since then, including our present Pope Francis, has called to our attention the cruel treatment of human beings in the womb and barbaric practices that are inconsistent with a civilized people. As Catholics, we should begin with prayer and fasting, in the Catholic Church a time-honored and valuable means of making our cries for a change of heart, mercy and compassion known to our heavenly Father."