One thing about being famous, when you don't go out and give a ton of interviews, people start making stuff up about you. there's not a star out there who hasn't been the subject of the rumor mill, and Billy Joel is no exception. Joel recently had an interview with The New York Times and he addressed those rumors.

First up, the DUI rumor. According to Joel, he had not been drinking and the accident was caused by the fact that the roads were far too dark. Ever driven down Highway 90 at night? Yeah, pitch dark and headlights only help so much. When the road is dark and super curvy, anything can happen.

In his "other DUI" he says the roads were frozen and he hit a patch of "black ice." You can't see it, but it's there and once you hit it, you lose all control of your vehicle.

Joel add that he has never had a DUI in his life. He does admit that back in 2005 he voluntarily went to rehab because he was drinking too much.

I had even heard the rumors of Billy Joel filing bankruptcy, but it turns out that those stories aren't true either. Joel did get in a tax jam because, as he says, "I owed Uncle Sam a couple of million bucks in income tax, and the money that I thought was there, wasn’t there."

Hey, it happens, you know? The paparazzi gets paid by the story. Many times, if they don't have one, they make up something that sounds plausible. I think that was a very nice way for me to say, "They lie."

Now, to the rumor that he is actually bald...