Bill Gates recently confessed that using Control-Alt-Delete to restart your computer was really a mistake that made it's way to the public. Now, one would think that, if a mistake like that happened, before they put out some of the completely useless updates they've foisted on the public all these years, they would have done something about Control-Alt-Delete.

Nope. Here's the story

When you're using Windows and the computer is running slow or freezing or just generally screwing up, we ALL know what to do.  You hit CONTROL-ALT-DELETE . . . which lets you restart and try again.

Well, according to BILL GATES, control-alt-delete was NEVER supposed to be a thing.

In an interview this week, he said, quote, "It was a mistake.  We could've had a single button [to restart the computer], but the guy who did the IBM keyboard design didn't want to give us our single button."

So they picked the combination of control, alt, and delete because they figured you wouldn't press those three together ACCIDENTALLY . . . it would have to be intentional.

They planned to get rid of the control-alt-delete function after they were done building and testing the software, but it ended up staying in . . . and has been in every single version of Windows for the 27 years since it debuted.