I am sure my lawyer friends will not appreciate me posting this. Law suits prevent us from doing lots of fun things we used to do. Now you can count on not having benches to sit on at  Walmart. You'll just have to stand while you wait due to this lawsuit.

getty images/ Cancan Chu

According to The Louisiana Record Chad Cowart filed suit against Wal-Mart Louisiana LLC in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on July 23. Chad is claiming he sat on a bench that collapsed and has been suffering since. I'm not saying that this case has no merit. I am simply pointing out that these suits sometimes result in the rest of us losing services and keep us from doing some fun stuff.

Do you ever wonder why there are no more Bed Pushing Races or Titubic Bathtub Races at Contraband Days. I can tell you that those used to be sponsored by radio stations. Now radio's corporate lawyers will not allow such events due to fear of lawsuits. I can remember when we took a buss or radio winners to canoe for the day. That will not be happening again either.

Then there is the question of who really pays for these suits. It is not the company being sued (in the long run.) Eventually the consumer pays in higher prices and lost services.  I realize that sometimes these suits are necessary to protect the public; but sometimes they go to far. Your thoughts?