The challenge was to shoot a movie over a weekend, thus the name, 'Project 48.'

This project was the brain-child of John Ware. He wrote the script and served as producer and director. The object was to shoot a movie and the making of the movie all in a 48 hour period. Let me tell you, it was a grueling schedule.

There was barely time to read the script much less memorize the lines. We used every trick in the book to hide our lines from the camera and there was a maximum of two takes on each scene.

Here are a few 'behind the scenes' pictures from the project.

The basic plot is this:

A group of rip off artists set up my character in a state lottery rip off. I don't play a very nice guy. The first first scene of the movie has me killing someone who tried to rip me off.

Here is writer/director/producer John Ware giving us a rundown on what to expect. Basically, he told us not to expect to get paid. That part,  I heard loud and clear.

I met a lot of new people on this shoot. This is Kelly before we started shooting.

And this is Kelly after we started shooting. As you can see, she dies in the very first scene. Pretty good job with the fake blood there. She was my character's first victim.

Amie Johnson Herbert

Setting up for a shot. Yes, that's a drink in my hand. Sadly, it was just tea. Darn movie props.

Right now I'm not sure when the project will be up on Youtube, but I'll try and post it here when it's ready.

It was a crazy way to spend a weekend, but it was tons of fun!