Since my involvement with MacFarlane's Celtic Pub, I've been educated about the world of beer. Most of that education I owe to my friends  and fellow conspirators James Bitner (owner) and Tod Ardoin (Keeper of the Beer Tome of Infinite Knowledge)

I've learned to enjoy the amazingly varied world of beer.  And here, the ice gets real thin...But, I've got to say it. The garbage my friends and I drank growing up wasn't good enough to be called "beer".

There are people who know a great deal more about beer than I ever will and each year, The World Beer Awards, bestows top honors. The contest has just closed for this year and the winners will be announced on September 14th.

I thought you might like to know which beers took top honors last year. Try some of these incredible beers. If you've been drinking the same brand since you were almost old enough to drink beer legally, give them a try. it will open up a new world for you.

Next weekend (August 18) I'll be going off to M.C. the Louisiana Beer Festival in Alexandria. Really looking forward to's a road trip..with great friends..and beer..REAL beer.

may I have the envelope, please:


World's Best Stout and Porter-Harvey's Imperial  Extra Double Stout


Best Lager-Sam Adams Double Bock

World's Best Pale Ale-Deschute's Hop Henge

World's Best Dark Ale- Rodenbach Grand Cru

World's Best Wheat Beer- Weihenstephaner Vitus