I don't care how laid back a person might be, sooner or later we all get stressed and angry. Yeah, it's not good for us to get that wrapped up, but what are you going to do. I have a theory that anyone who never has stress must be on some pretty amazing drugs not known to medical science. So, what do you do with all that pent up stress and emotion?

Well, one way  some people are dealing with all that negative energy is to go to what is called a "Rage Room." Now, the whole idea is pretty simple; you go into the rage room with all your anger and hostility and you take it out on inanimate objects like a tray of wine glasses, a computer screen or a host of other breakable objects. You smash stuff until the anger and hostility are replaced with just plain having fun.

The Rage Room could prove to be quite a boon to mankind. Instead of working yourself into apoplexy, you simply pick up a baseball bat and start destroying everything in sight. Heck, I'm not particularly stressed, but this sounds like fun to me.

The going rate of a Rage Room is about $20 for a full half hour of wanton, no regrets venting. In addition to the fun and stress relief, someone else has to do the clean up. Check out this video about a Rage Room.