Have you ever been to a Beach Boys concert? Well, it's quite and experience, I can assure you. Almost every possible age group sings along with every single song. Old hippies, Gen X'ers and 10 year olds all singing every word to every song!

Now, as the ultimate capper to the Beach Boys 50th Anniversary, they will be releasing a box set that any Beach Boy fan would want to own. This very inclusive set also proves that the Beach Boys were much more than surf, fun and sun.

You won't believe what will be included

Capitol Records

First of all, the box set, called Made in California will, of course, include all of the guy's 36 Top 40 Hits. But, above and beyond all that, there will be alternate takes of several of those hits and some completely unreleased material. But wait, there's more!

Also included on this massive release will be demos, concert cuts and very rare TV and radio performances.

While the Beach Boys hits were all very enjoyable, I have to tell you that, much of the material they recorded is amazing in it's complexity. I've been fortunate enough to hear some of their unreleased and behind-the-scenes material and it's just amazing.The Beach Boys legendary harmony really comes to the front on tracks where the instruments are mixed out and all you hear are those 5 voices. Vocal harmony has always just lifted me right off the floor.

The Beach Boys Made in California is slated for release in late August.

Here is a sample of the Beach Boys' complex vocals on Sloop John B with the instrumental tracks dropped out. Very few groups spent so much time on what went on in the background of their records.