Ever thought to yourself, "You know, Self, we would make a great 92.9 The Lake DJ"? Well, now you can live out that dream with our new contest -- Be a Guest DJ with Gary and Heather! But it's only open to those who have joined The Funhouse.

For one hour, you will be Gary's and Heather's guest host during the morning show. You can help them -- and God knows they need all kinds of help -- get through the birthdays, do celebrity news or run the Contest du Jour.

Things you could potentially do as a guest host on Gary's and Heather's show:

  • Get some wicked three-part harmonies going with Gary and Heather on Earth, Wind & Fire's "September."
  • Open the mic and say "NNNNNEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAGGGIIIIIIEEE" or something equally annoying.
  • Ruin Heather's morning Sudoku puzzle by writing in random numbers.
  • Hijack the playlist for an hour, playing songs you want to hear ... or blocking songs you don't wanna hear.
  • Learn the secret DJ handshake and gain exclusive access to the secret DJ bathroom. (With only the finest toilet papers.)
  • Tell the entire city of Lake Charles what a golly-gee swell person you are.
  • Have breakfast with Gary -- a bottle of Jameson and a Slim Jim!
  • Make snoring noises every time Gary tries to tell a funny story.
  • Make about as much money as both DJs do in an hour. (Just so we're clear here, there's no cash involved in this contest.)

Get your entry in before March 20, because that's when we pull the winner, and won't you look dumb trying to enter after March 20? But don't worry, up until then you can enter AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE!