Well, right off the bat, these folks are looking for trouble. You can't sell door to door in this area. Secondly, in addition to looking for trouble, they are looking for your money.

Here's the scam:

The Better Business Bureau Serving Southwest La. Inc. is issuing a warning of door-to-door solicitors targeting local consumers in the area.

Carmen Million, BBB president, said that the BBB is receiving calls stating that an individual is going door-to-door offering to repave driveways with an asphalt overlay.

The BBB warns that these people may use a common line used by scammers: We did a job down the road and we have some additional materials. We can do the work for you right now and we will give you a great deal."

Million said consumers should be aware that there is an ordinance that prohibits door-to-door solicitations in the city and parish.

The BBB warns that in most cases these companies use substandard materials, perform shoddy workmanship and charge inflated prices.

The BBB recommends that if someone stops uninvited and solicits you for business at your home, tell them you are not interested and call your local law enforcement and your BBB.

"Remember, you may know better, but you may have an elderly or uninformed neighbor that could be scammed," Million said

For more information, call the Better Business Bureau at 337-478-6253.