When something works and you get a big win; you have to do it before every game. The Barbe Bucs had a version of the Night Before Christmas play off edition go viral last week. The Christmas classic has been updated for their championship game this Saturday and we have it for you.

Twas the Night before the Dome by Bevyn Taylor-Teacher & Coach at Barbe High School
Twas the night before the game at the Dome, the air was filled with anticipation,
Barbe Buccaneers football team was full of fight and sheer determination.
The school was alive, the community showed full support,
As the game drew near, “Barbe is ready and able”, read the report.
The game last Friday still lingered on everyone’s mind and heart,
Yet Barbe had believed they could do it from the very start.
The last quarter of the game seems a blur to everyone that was there,
The way Barbe had come back, my, those games are rare.
The Bucs would carry their dream ever forward,
While reaching for a championship they would go toward.
Everyone believed, there was no doubt,
Barbe Buccaneers were about to end this drought!
New Orleans was full of excitement and energy,
The Buc fans were everywhere, taking over the city.
They had all come, both young and old; big and small,
To see their boys win the fight, to see them stand tall.
The Buc fans waited anxiously as the 3A game was played,
They hoped this game would end on time and our game would not be delayed.
As the night drew near, the time was finally here,
The Bucs championship dreams were now drawing near!
We covered the visitors side and man was it loud,
The Buc fans were there and we showed we were proud!
From the field to the upper levels we covered the Dome!
Only when we had finished the job, would we go home!
Here came the boys, running onto the field all fired up and ready to go,
Our boys faces were focused, ready to take on their foe.
The captains met at midfield, the players all shook hands
Barbe had won the toss and cheers erupted from the stands.
Rummel looked tough but our boys did too,
The home side wore red, while the visitors side was covered in white, navy, and Columbia blue.
The game went on, the boys continued to fight,
Through every play and well into the night…
At last halftime came, the bluebells did grand.
As did the flag girls, cheerleaders, and also the band.
Barbe’s halftime performance was better, that much was true,
Made you proud to be a part of the team dressed in blue.
The second half was on, never missing a beat,
Barbe had one mission, the Rummel team defeat!
The third quarter was over, the fourth quarter rang in,
One question on everyone’s mind, who would bring home the win?
Now we all know the fourth quarter is Barbe’s time to shine,
But Rummel wouldn’t back down, they knew their dreams were on the line.
It came down to this, the last play of the game,
For one team was about to win the trophy and fame!
The refs blew the final whistle and then the crowd went wild
In the middle of the field, the team was all piled.
Not a dry eye was to be found on anyone inside,
For one teams dream had come true, while the other’s had died..
The presentation of the trophy was presented to the team,
Barbe Bucs were the 5A State Champions, they were living their dream!
This is what they fought so hard for all year long and every day,
For the first time ever Barbe football was the Champion of 5A!
That moment would always be remembered by the team, coaches, fans, and this city,
For the whole community was involved in this Buccaneer victory.
Barbe Bucs, you are our heroes as you carry the trophy home
Our Barbe Buccaneers had gone in and taken the Dome!
Bevyn Taylor