So here it is ... Valentine's Day. If you forget to get her something, fake your death and move to Siberia. Trust me it is the less miserable of the two options! Seriously, maybe you should think outside of the box this year. Valentine cookies are a great idea because they can be personalized with your own message.Just use caution when thinking of a message. I'm sure you know it's not what you say that is important to a woman, it's what you mean by what you say.

Don't use " I admire your strength, I admire your spunk. But what I like best is getting you drunk."  Another one that will never work is "My love for you knows no borders ... Not even your stupid restraining orders."  Certainly don't try this one "before we met my heart was famished. Now I'm fulfilled ... so make me a samich!"

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If you are just not the creative type you can steal something sweet off of those little candy hearts. But even those are not completely safe. The NECCO company has retired some of the messages off of these hearts. Some retired messages are


Saucy Boy

You Are Gay (it used to mean something else)

Hot Cha (could have been replaced with "Hot Cher")

So if you find yourself with writer's block, just stick with "I Love You." It's much better than "My love for you has certainly grown ... ever since you added the silicone."