I guess literature is a bit like art. Everyone has very different taste when it comes to all the arts and my feeling is, if you like Picasso, he's great. If you don't like Picasso, it's garbage. That's okay because we can't all like the same thing when it comes to art, music or literature.

The problem I have with these bad reviews of 'Classic Novels' is that the writer(s) just seem to hate books. Several of them state that they "love" to read, but you get the feeling that they were educated in literature by Marvel Comics.

Let me give you a case in point:

On reviewer hated "Diary of Anne Frank." Why did he hate it", you ask? Because It didn't have sufficient character development! I had to write and remind the "critic" that 'Diary of Anne Frank' was not a novel. It was a teen-age girl's actual diary. Having this particular critic trash 'Anne Frank' is like having Kristen Stewart criticize one's acting ability.

Here are a few more bad reviews of classics. Might want to have a Valium, because some of these will really piss you off!