Do horror movie scare you? Do you constantly search the house for monsters after watching a scary flick? Do you look under the bed and in all the closets before you go to bed?

Well, fear no more. Scary shows are not nearly as scary once they've been looped by "Bad Lip Reading!"

Is it just me or is the concept of taking an existing movie and re voicing it not really funny?

I'll never forget a TV show called "Fractured Flickers." It was produced by Jay Ward, the guy who gave us Rocky and Bullwinkle.

The premise of Fractured Flickers was simple; take old movies and write new dialogue. they didn't even try to match the lip movements of the actors, so just about anything they wanted to write was fine.

Bad Lip Reading takes it up several notches. So...for the faint of heart. Here is an "unscary" version of AMC's "The Walking Dead."



On second thought...we'll stick with hanging on our Walker-free couch.