My dog, Hank, is a born bird chaser. Now, I know a lot of dogs chase birds and squirrels and such, but Hank really makes it into a grand sport. There is a nest of doves in my backyard and he constantly plays hunting dog with them. He actually sniffs them out, goes into a point position then goes into a crazy dance when he sees the birds. then again, as I said, a lot of dogs chase birds, but there are not a lot of elephants who enjoy bird chasing.

This baby elephant lives in Kruger National Park in South Africa and he must be part Labrador. A couple of tourist just happened to be filming this young elephant romping on the roadway when, suddenly they realized that the pachyderm wasn't just romping around; it was chasing birds.

This short video has gone crazy viral with over a million views so far. I know you're going to enjoy watching the "bird elephant" in action.