I will never forget the first time I heard a peacock shriek. Now, while peacocks are beautiful and very regal looking, the sound they make is neither beautiful nor regal in the least. Not only is it an irritating noise, but peacock are so loud it could make your ears bleed.

With that thought in mind, imagine a quiet suburban street on a Sunday morning. All the lawns are manicured and people are taking advantage of the day to grab a few extra minutes of much needed sleep when a shriek from outside shatters the tranquility of the morning and startles you awake thinking that someone is being murdered outside.

If you've never heard the sound a peacock makes, prepare yourself. If you have office mates you really want to startle, you might turn your speakers up all the way. I don't know where this video was shot, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the neighborhood association is laying down the law to the peacocks owner as we speak.