Mutant Boot Craze

Did you see the new fad in Mexico that involves mutant cowboy boots? A customer known only as “Cesar of Huizache” showed up at a shoe shop in Matehuala, Mexico, and showed shoemaker Dario Calderon a cell-phone photo of a sequined cowboy boot with pointy toes so long they curled up toward the knees. He wanted a pair of the goofy boots – but with longer toes. The boot in the photo measured 23 inches “but we made him a pair that was 35 inches long,” Calderon said. The mystery man wore his new boots to the Mesquit Rodeo nightclub, where he danced with a handkerchief hiding his mouth and nose before disappearing into the night. Suddenly, everyone wanted the bizarre pointy boots. Calderon fashioned the elongated toes from plastic foam and charged 400 pesos ($34) for the extensions, which people decorated with everything from feathers to flashing lights. The fad started about 18 months ago and has spread north to Texas and Mississippi.