One of the bands scheduled to appear at the Sulphur Heritage Festival this weekend has lost a founding member. His name may not jump out at you, but in Southern Rock circles he was a very in demand drummer. He wrote songs that put Atlanta Rhythm Section on the charts. He also wrote songs for other bands from the South that  sold in the millions.  The co-founder and longtime drummer for the Atlanta Rhythm Section, Robert Nix  died on Sunday morning. From the official statement from the band's Facebook page:

“Our thoughts today are with Robert Nix, our founding drummer, who passed away this morning,” a statement attributed to co-founder and vocalist Rodney Justo reads. Few details about the circumstances of Nix’s death have been released. The band has yet to respond to a request for more information.

Nix began as drummer for a group called The Candymen. Their main claim to fame was the fact that they were Roy Orbison’s backing group.

Nix contributed songs and drummed on a total of 9 Atlanta Rhythm Section albums but his drumming can also be heard on several Southern Rocker's albums. Most notably "Tuesday's Gone"  by Lynyrd Skynyrd . Nix co-wrote "Spooky" which was a hit for Dennis Yost and the Classics Four as well as ARS. He also co-wrote ARS  biggest hit, "So Into You"

We have no word on whether or not Nix's death will affect their scheduled appearance at the Sulphur Heritage Festival this Saturday. Nix was no longer part of the touring band but keep checking back for updates. Atlanta Rhythm Section is scheduled to appear Saturday night at 8 p.m. at Heritage Square in Sulphur.