When you attend "Art on Wheels" Saturday at Burton Coliseum, do not expect to see the ordinary. When these folks say, "art", they are making an understatement. It's amazing work of the highest caliber and the event is very family friendly.

"dago" lefevre

Here's more:

There is no way I could describe the event better than Marc "Dago" LeFevre

Art on Wheels" is based on an idea to take art "out of the box". Art has, for the most part, been thought of as watercolors or canvas artwork. We wanted the public to see art from our point of view. Graphic designs on a motorcycle, woodworking, pottery, ironwork, jewelry, all of these items conceived and then created are hand crafted by some of our local artists in this area and surrounding communities. We welcome all forms of art, even skin art or tattooing. This show is an opportunity to combine several diverse groups of people, of all ages, together. Our first efforts were greeted with overwhelming community support and were attended by well over one thousand spectators, sponsors, exhibitors and entrants.

Not only is the craftsman ship and art work truly amazing, this group is very generous when it comes to helping out local charities in the area.

Make this a "must see" event for the whole family!

You can get more information my going to our "events" page