Do you miss the days when you only had a home phone and it was the only way for your boss or clients to reach you. Do you miss just letting your answering machine get the call and telling them the next morning you did not check the machine till late that night because you were not at home. You can not hide from your company cell phone and it's costing you big time!

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There are some days when I work several hours from home after putting in a ten hour day at work. A new study reveals that the average employee now does 51 minutes of work from home every week. A lot of us can sign onto our work desk top from home or simply do company work on our home computer. The boss and your company know that you can accomplish task from home so they do ask. It's not just you; we are all in that boat. At 51 minutes a week ... if you work 49 years, that adds up to 30 EXTRA eight hour days. That's six weeks of work from home! I average way over 51 minutes a week. How much are you working from home, or your car, or a hot spot?  This is costing us time at important events according to the same study  --20% of parents have missed an event at their kid's school, 13% have missed their child's birthday party, 10% have missed their husband or wife's birthday, and 8% have missed an anniversary dinner. Technology is wonderful and sucking our life blood at the same time!