Sometimes I feel like I am completely invisible at work. You ever had one of those days? I have come up with some ways to tell if anyone knows you are there.



The first way to test is to leave your office light on and door open and just leave. When you come back ... see if anyone missed you. The second way is to wear something completely opposite of what you usually wear and see if anyone notices. You can also put a big candy jar on your desk and see if anyone takes any. Another way to see if people are paying attention is just to not speak to anyone all day and see how many people come up to you and tell you that you are quiet today.

You can also make changes in your hair style, hair color or (if you are a guy) facial hair and see who notices. I came in today with my weekend beard to see how many people would notice. So far two people have said something. I wonder if they would have noticed if I dyed my hair purple? Don't get me wrong ... I understand that keeping your head below the weeds keeps it from being shot off. I just think sometimes we want to be noticed.

Have a great Monday.