It was a very different world when Andy Williams was at the peak of his popularity. His laid back style and smooth voice not only accounted for millions of records sold by Columbia Records, but his presence on TV was very successful with his various shows running from 1957 to 1971. Andy Williams passed away today near Branson.


Here's sort of an interesting fact about Andy Williams; If you ask anyone, "What was Andy Williams' biggest hit?' most people would say "Moon River." But, guess what.

"Moon River" was not Andy's biggest hit. In fact, it wasn't a hit for Andy at all. It was his theme song and everyone identifies him with the song, but it wasn't a hit. Two people had hits with "Moon River", one was by the man that composed the song, Henry Mancini, the other was a great version by Jerry Butler.

Funny how a person can be so identified with a song like that, isn't it? Andy Williams' biggest hit came in 1957 when his recording of "Butterfly" went to #1. Anybody remember "Butterfly?"

Andy Williams had been performing in Branson the past several years and was diagnosed with bladder cancer a few years ago.

Andy Williams was born in Wall Lake, Iowa in 1928. He had 18 gold records and three platinum, was nominated for five Grammy awards and hosted the Grammy ceremonies for several years.