Let's face it; some people love being sick. It goes beyond being a hypochondriac, it's a cry for attention and a way of making oneself the center of attention and sympathy.

I won't name any of these bogus syndromes, but there is a new one that just cries out for ridicule. It's called 'e-mail apnea.'

Here are they symptoms of this dread syndrome

Ready? Okay, here we go; the symptom is holding one's breath while typing.

Yeah, and people are actually using it to garner attention and sympathy.

If you do inadvertently hold your breath while you type, it can have the same effect as hyperventilating or when you feel like you're in danger, and trigger your sympathetic nervous system.

That can cause your pupils to dilate, increase your heart rate, make you feel light headed, and even make you start FLOP SWEATING.  So breathe when you type.

Email apnea is NOT recognized by any official medical boards or organizations.

By the way, if you think you may 'suffer' from e-mail apnea, stop typing and breathe...I'm not a doctor, but I'm pretty sure that would relieve those horrifying symptoms.